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Catapulted to A Place of Influence

What if the Queen of England called for you to come and meet with her? She had had a disturbing dream and had heard from a reliable source that you were good at interpreting? Unlikely? Sure. Impossible? No, there are historical precedences for such an amazing thing to happen to ‘ordinary’ people like you and me. You see, the ability to interpret dreams can catapult ordinary people to sudden influence with those in high authority. Joseph in ancient Egypt and Daniel in ancient Babylon were two such people who shot from the obscurity of being an immigrant to positions of the highest influence simply because they accurately interpreted dreams.

If you believe dreams are merely the ramblings of the previous day’s activities thrown together with some of your anxieties, then you will not be that interested. On the other hand, if you were to learn that dreams can often contain messages of revelation and perhaps warnings from the very heart of Father God directly to you as you sleep, you might be a little more curious.

Scientifically we know that everyone of us has dreams as we sleep. The problem is that we often don’t remember them and even if we do remember them we have no idea what they mean, so we dismiss them as unimportant. Trouble is, even if you don’t understand what a dream means, you know, you just know when they are important. You might even become a little more interested if you discovered a £15 online school which can teach you to interpret dreams for yourself and other people. is where to start your search.

Testimonial from Wellbeing Festival at Birmingham NEC November 2016 from visitor to Transformed By Light stand.

The young lady had a dream about a spot behind her ear - that’s all she could remember. The interpretation was that the ear is where you hear, and the spot is an irritation coming from the inside out, so this dream was about her desire to hear more clearly and move on on a new journey. Fairly straightforward, but it opened up all sorts of issues for her. She had been brought up as a Muslim but about four years ago she had came to Christ and got baptised thanks to a family friend. She started to do an Alpha Course, then started to teach and share on Alphas and it was then that she started to get spiritual attack, which she got no help from the church people to combat. She got frightened and as the attacks continued, her daughter got ill. I took her to Simone and we had a brilliant prayer time, Holy Spirit came on her and she had a powerful encounter as we prayed light and life of Christ on her. She went on her way, saying as she went; “Thanks! Wow, I never expected that!”

Hope that works for you Rich, blessings - I'm so sad not to be there this Sat at JAC but I've got to be elsewhere and Andy & wendy Cowgill will be carrying the flag anyway! Have a great time, there are some very exciting developments with Simone. TC

Tony Cooke

Director, Streams Training Centre England

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